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No boundaries, no limitations. Explore every part of the entire planet.

Tasam mostly consists of low rolling hills and basins. It has four distinct seasons, abundant rainfall, fertile lands, and wide coastal waters, thus making Tasam the ideal location for human settlement.

Stepping into the rainforest is like entering another world. Under the protection of a thick crown cover, a variety of rare species lay hidden. Will you be able to find them?

Freezing temperatures, howling winds, and constant snow are persistent features of this place. Ancient creatures rest here, and the harsh weather has kept them and their treasures undisturbed for centuries.

Once a fertile land, now covered in sand. Remnants of an ancient civilization lay scattered around this desolate land. Rumors say that there are still valuables buried out in the desert, but they also speak of the ancient phantoms who guard them.

Select and switch between weapons that fit your playstyle

Food, clothing, and weapons are necessary for survival in Noah's Heart and only experts can produce them. Select an occupation and help the village thrive.